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* Keeping and reporting accounting books in accordance with tax and other relevant legislation and Uniform accounting standards, and submitting reports to those concerned.


* Preparation of balance sheets, profit and loss statements, declarations, declarations and other documents and making accrual transactions.


* Control of compliance of accounting records made with TMS.


* Selection of computerized accounting software programs for small and medium-sized enterprises and establishing the accounting system infrastructure.


* Advising on accounting practices.


* Preparation of payrolls and accounts of the operating personnel, submitting them to the employer to be signed by the workers.


* Monthly premium and service documents to be accrued and forwarded to the company.


* Making the recruitment procedures of the recruited personnel.


* Calculation of Severance and Notice Payments of the personnel leaving the job and preparation of all other documents.


* Advising on SGK and Labor Legislation.


* Preparation, control and accrual of VAT, monthly and quarterly Withholding and Temporary Tax, annual Income and Corporate Tax Declarations, and submitting the Accrual Slip to the taxpayer.


* Advising on tax legislation.


* To prepare all kinds of company main contracts, to make applications to the Chamber of Commerce, Tax Office, SGK and other relevant official authorities, to finalize the transactions and to realize the liability facilities.


* To perform the opening and closing procedures of other branch workplaces such as real and legal persons branch, warehouse and liaison offices.


* Providing general consultancy on SGK, Business, Tax and other relevant legislation. To ensure that taxpayers are warned early against possible risks that they may encounter in time. To give information, be helpful about retirement processes.


* To train taxpayers' pre-accountancy staff, to control them after training, to ensure the flawless functioning of pre-accounting.





* Budget and Budget Control Systems.


* Cost Control Systems.


* Internal Control Systems.


* Financial Support Services.





* Foreign Company Establishments.


* Liaison Office Organizations.


* Work Permits for Foreigners.


* Feasibility and Market Research.


* Company Acquisition, Transfer, Merger.


* Restructuring Institutionalization.